1959 Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon C75 Scooter - Frame

1959 Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon C75 Scooter - Frame

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This Frame is off a 1959 Mitsubishi Riverside Silver Pigeon Scooter Model C75.  The frame is straight with no cracks or repaired welds.  The frame is greasy and has some surface rust but will clean up nicely.  I will provide a bill of sale with the frame.  Please see the pictures below and contact me with any questions.

 photo SDC18864_zpsleiyn6w5.jpg  photo SDC18865_zpsvo5d8huk.jpg  photo SDC18866_zpsloj5yhkk.jpg  photo SDC18867_zpsu1aa7a1w.jpg  photo SDC18868_zpsqfv9d2yb.jpg  photo SDC18869_zpszjcmvgbe.jpg  photo SDC18870_zpsg2okogdd.jpg  photo SDC18871_zpstrktceug.jpg  photo SDC18872_zpsehotvub2.jpg  photo SDC18873_zpsf5gzyefw.jpg  photo SDC18874_zpsetmfxwfj.jpg  photo SDC18875_zps6obwjqql.jpg  photo SDC18876_zpsttxgkquq.jpg  photo SDC18877_zpsht9awx1t.jpg  photo SDC18878_zpsjjzoop5g.jpg  photo SDC18879_zpsije82t2k.jpg

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